Management Team

Technology consulting

Purchased Align 360
(division of Renaissance Worldwide)
(Richmond, VA)

American Exposition Centers, LLC.
(Roanoke, VA)

Virginia's oldest and largest flea market

Sold to RTM Capital
(Vienna, VA)

ASM Research, Inc.
(Fairfax, VA)

Government contracting

Purchased Century Consultants, Ltd.
(Lakewood, NJ)

brij Image and Information, Inc.
(Greensboro, NC)

ERP sales and consulting

Sold to Businesswise, LLC
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Capitol Securities Management, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)

Investment advisor/brokerage firm

Recapitalization to buy out shareholder

Clan-Lir Ventures, LLC

Telecommunications financial management

Equity investment in MSS Group
(Castle Rock, CO)

Compass Energy Services
(Richmond, VA)

Energy services company

Placement of $7.5 million senior secured revolving credit facility

Continental Holdings, Inc.
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Packaging services

Raised $3.5 million for the purchase of Dixie Box and Crating, Inc.
(Norfolk, VA)

Heyward & Lee Construction Company
(Richmond, VA)

General contractor

Sold to Beers/SKANSKSA USA
(Atlanta, GA)

Hungerford Mechanical Corporation
(Richmond, VA)

Mechanical contractor

Sold to Group Maintenance America
(Houston, TX)

(Richmond, VA)

Distributed energy generation

Placement of $18 million of senior secured credit facilities

J. E. Richards, Inc.
(Beltsville, MD)

Electrical contractor

Sold to Xcelecom
(Hamden, CT)

K & K Aircraft, Inc.
(Bridgewater, VA)


Arranged for growth financing and served as financial advisor

Keiter, Stephens Computer Services
(Richmond, VA)

Technology consulting

Sold to Venturi Partners, Inc.
(Charlotte, NC)

Pavement Corporation
(Waldorf, MD)

Pavement repair and maintenance services

Sold to Vicour
(Baltimore, MD)

Payerpath, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)

Web-based financial transactions

Equity financing with Envest Ventures I, LLC
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Regional Enterprises, Inc.
(Hopewell, VA)


Sold to Rio Vista Energy Partners, LP
(Houston, TX)

R.S. Harritan & Co., Inc.
(Richmond, VA)

Mechanical contractor

Sold to EMCOR Group, Inc.
(Norwalk, CT)

ScholarOne, Inc.
(Charlottesville, VA)

Scholarly publishing (Internet)

Equity financing with Clan-Lir Ventures
(Richmond, VA)

SodaBlast of Virginia, LLC
(Oilville, VA)

Cleaning contractor

Sold to SodaBlast Acquisition LLC
(Oilville, VA)

Spec Ops, Inc.
(Ashland, VA)

Government contractor

Sold to HDT Global
(Solon, OH)

Valentine Electrical, Inc.
(Ashland, VA)

Electrical contractor

Sold to Integrated Electrical Services, Inc.
(Houston, TX)

Warranty Inspection Services, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)

Automotive inspection services

Sold to Mulberry Investment Group
(Richmond, VA)



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