Building Materials / Construction




Acoustical Solutions, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)

Acoustical products distribution

Sold to Cardinal LTH Investments
(Richmond, VA)

American Whirlpool Products Corp.
(Hollywood, FL)

Manufacturer of decorative acrylic bathware

Sold to Praxis Companies
(Savannah, TN)

AWP Windows and Doors
(Medley, FL)

Residential window and door manufacturing

Sold to Deerpath Holdings
(Lake Forest, IL)

Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.
(Somersville, MA)

Roofing distribution

Purchased The Roof Center, Inc.
(Gaithersburg, MD)

Big M of Culpeper, Inc.
(Culpeper, VA)

Aggregate manufacturing

Sold to CRH, plc
(Dublin, Ireland)

Caldwell/VSR, Inc.
(Weslaco, TX)

Wooden blind finisher

Placement of $3.4 million of subordinated notes

Global Building Supply Company, Inc.
(Rockville, MD)

Interior building material distribution

Sold to Allied Building Products, Corp.
(East Rutherford, NJ)

Granite Source, Inc.
(Chantilly, Virginia)

Countertop fabricator

Sold to Clio Holdings, LLC
(Birmingham, Michigan)

Heyward & Lee Construction Company
(Richmond, VA)

General contractor

Sold to Beers/SKANSKSA USA
(Atlanta, GA)

Hungerford Mechanical Corporation
(Richmond, VA)

Mechanical contractor

Sold to Group Maintenance America
(Houston, TX)

J. E. Richards, Inc.
(Beltsville, MD)

Electrical contractor

Sold to Xcelecom
(Hamden, CT)

R.S. Harritan & Co., Inc.
(Richmond, VA)

Mechanical contractor

Sold to EMCOR Group, Inc.
(Norwalk, CT)

The C.F. Sauer Company
(Richmond, VA)

Contract door business

Sold to The Cook & Boardman Group
(Winston-Salem, NC)

The Roof Center, Inc.
(Gaithersburg, MD)

Roofing distribution

Purchased two locations from Allied Plywood Corporation
(Alexandria, VA)

The United Company
(Bristol, VA)

Roofing distribution

Purchased The Roof Center, Inc.
(Gaithersburg, MD)

Valentine Electrical, Inc.
(Ashland, VA)

Electrical contractor

Sold to Integrated Electrical Services, Inc.
(Houston, TX)



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