Client Industry Summary
Management Team Technology consulting Purchased Align 360
(division of Renaissance Worldwide)
(Richmond, VA)
ASM Research, Inc.
(Fairfax, VA)
Government contracting Purchased Century Consultants, Ltd.
(Lakewood, NJ)
brij Image and Information, Inc.
(Greensboro, NC)
ERP sales and consulting Sold to Businesswise, LLC
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Clan-Lir Ventures, LLC
(Richmond, VA)
Telecommunications financial management Equity investment in MSS Group
(Castle Rock, CO)
Information and Infrastructure Technologies,Inc.
(Herndon, VA)
A provider of critical infrastructure protection, intelligence analysis, and cyber security Management buyout from Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc.
(Herndon, VA)
Keiter, Stephens Computer Services
(Richmond, VA)
Technology consulting Sold to Venturi Partners, Inc.
(Charlotte, NC)
Payerpath, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Web-based financial transactions Equity financing with Envest Ventures I, LLC
(Virginia Beach, VA)
ScholarOne, Inc.
(Charlottesville, VA)
Scholarly publishing (Internet) Equity financing with Clan-Lir Ventures
(Richmond, VA)
(Richmond, VA)
eLearning content developer and marketer Sold to Volaris Group
(Mississauga, ON)
(Richmond, VA)
Advanced non-woven textiles Provided for recapitalization through the placement of senior secured debt