Mergers & Acquisitions

Client Industry Summary
Management Team Technology consulting Purchased Align 360
(division of Renaissance Worldwide)
(Richmond, VA)
Acoustical Solutions, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Acoustical products distribution Sold to Cardinal LTH Investments
(Richmond, VA)
Agri-Nutrients Company, Inc.
(Disputanta, VA)
Polymer Processing Sold to Rice Industries LLC
(Richmond, VA)/(New York)
American Exposition Centers, LLC
(Roanoke, VA)
Virginia's oldest and largest flea market Sold to RTM Capital
(Vienna, VA)
American Whirlpool Products Corp.
(Hollywood, FL)
Decorative acrylic bathware manufacturing Sold to Praxis Companies
(Savannah, TN)
ANCO-Eaglin, Inc.
(High Point, NC)
Industrial equipment manufacturing Sold to Hillside Acquisitions Group, LLC
(Honey Brook, PA)
Arkote (a subisidiary of Fi-Tech, INc.)
(Sheffield, England)
Tobacco knives manufacturing Purchased Hardy Leather Knives
(Liverpool, England)
ASM Research, Inc.
(Fairfax, VA)
Government contracting Purchased Century Consultants, Ltd.
(Lakewood, NJ)
Auto Electric Parts Company
(Richmond, VA)
Automotive parts distribution Sold to Parts Depot, Inc.
(Roanoke, VA)
AWP Windows and Doors
(Medley, FL)
Residential window and door manufacturing Sold to Deerpath Holdings
(Lake Forest, IL)
Baird Petroleum Equipment, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Petroleum equipment installation Sold to Jones and Frank Corporation
(Raleigh, NC)
Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.
(Somersville, MA)
Roofing distribution Purchased The Roof Center, Inc.
(Gaithersburg, MD)
Big M of Culpeper, Inc.
(Culpeper, VA)
Aggregate manufacturing Sold to CRH, plc
(Dublin, Ireland)
Breez-In Convenience Stores
(Hopewell, VA)
Retail petroleum Sold to Miller Oil Company, Inc.
(Norfolk, VA)
Brij Image and Information, Inc.
(Greensboro, NC)
ERP sales and consulting Sold to Businesswise, LLC
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Brown Packing Company, Inc.
(Gaffney, SC)
Protein blending/animal feeds Sold division to Wilbur-Ellis Company
(San Francisco, CA)
C.E. Thurston Distributing
(Norfolk, VA)
Industrial distribution Purchased Empire Industrial Products from Mancon
(Norfolk, VA)
Colortree, Inc. and Graphics Innovations
(Richmond, VA)
Direct mail lithographer and envelope converter Sold to Boathouse Capital
(Wayne, PA)
C&K Auto Parts, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Automotive parts Sold to Mulberry Investment Group
(Richmond, VA)
ECR International, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Wine distribution Purchased Cobblestone Cellars
(Sandston, VA)
ECR Pharmaceuticals
(Richmond, VA)
Specialty pharmaceuticals Sold to Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.
(Amityville, NY)
F.R. Drake Company
(Waynesboro, VA)
Hot dog loading equipment manufacturing Sold to Fulham & Co., Inc.
(Wellesley, MA)
Fearnow Bros., Inc.
(Mechanicsville, VA)
Food production Sold to Castleberry/Snow's Brands, Inc.
(Augusta, GA)
Fi-Tech, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Tobacco cutting knives Purchased Arkote, Ltd.
(Sheffield, England)
Global Building Supply Company, Inc.
(Rockville, MD)
Interior building material distribution Sold to Allied Building Products, Corp.
(East Rutherford, NJ)
Granite Source, Inc.
(Chantilly, Virginia)
Countertop fabrication Sold to Clio Holdings, LLC
(Birmingham, Michigan)
Great Big Green House
(Richmond, VA)
Retail Sold to Meadows Farm Nurseries
(South Riding, VA)
H & H Supply Company, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Cutting tools distribution Sold to Dahlgren Investments, LLC
(Richmond, VA)
Heyward & Lee Construction Company
(Richmond, VA)
General contracting Sold to Beers/SKANSKSA USA
(Atlanta, GA)
Hungerford Mechanical Corporation
(Richmond, VA)
Mechanical contracting Sold to Group Maintenance America
(Houston, TX)
Information and Infrastructure Technologies,Inc.
(Herndon, VA)
A provider of critical infrastructure protection, intelligence analysis, and cyber security Management buyout from Electronic Warfare Associates,Inc.
(Herndon, VA)
Industrial Supply Corporation
(Richmond, VA)
Industrial parts distribution Sold to Kaman Industrial Technologies
(Windsor, CT)
J. E. Richards, Inc.
(Beltsville, MD)
Electrical contracting Sold to Xcelecom
(Hamden, CT)
Keiter, Stephens Computer Services
(Richmond, VA)
Technology consulting Sold to Venturi Partners, Inc.
(Charlotte, NC)
Omnia Corp. (Management)
(Richmond, VA)
Ornamental stained glass manufacturing Purchased The Museum Company, Inc.
(Fairfield, NJ)
Pavement Corporation
(Waldorf, MD)
Pavement repair and maintenance services Sold to Vicour
(Baltimore, MD)
Peebles Golf Car Sales
(Richmond, VA)
Golf car distribution Sold to William Lynch, Club Car Dealer
(Farmingdale, NJ)
Pleasants Hardware
(Richmond, VA)
Hardware retail Sold to Taylors Do it Center, Inc.
(Virginia Beach, VA)
Pohlig Bros., Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Paperboard packaging Sold to Pohlig Bros., LLC (acq. co.)
(Richmond, VA)
Printing Services, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Full service commercial printing Sold to Allegra
(Richmond, VA)
Promotional Considerations, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Promotional items Sold to Vanguard Industries
(Carlsbad, CA)
RADVA Corporation
(Radford, VA)
Manufacturing/Packaging Sold to Huntington Solutions
(Greer, SC)
Regional Enterprises, Inc.
(Hopewell, VA)
Trucking/Logistics Sold to Rio Vista Energy Partners, LP
(Houston, TX)
R.S. Harritan & Co., Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Mechanical contracting Sold to EMCOR Group, Inc.
(Norwalk, CT)
SodaBlast of Virginia, LLC
(Oilville, VA)
Cleaning contracting Sold to SodaBlast Acquisition LLC
(Oilville, VA)
(Fairfield, NJ)
Food processing and packaging equipment manufacturer Sold to AMF Bakery Systems
(Richmond, VA)
Spec Ops, Inc.
(Ashland, VA)
Government contractor Sold to HDT Global
(Solon, OH)
StampTech, Inc.
(Chester, VA)
Metal stamping & fabricating Sold to Amzak Metal Holdings, Inc.
(Boca Raton, FL)
The C.F. Sauer Company
(Richmond, VA)
Food production Purchased the Spice Hunter, Inc.
(San Luis Obipso, CA)
The C.F. Sauer Company
(Richmond, VA)
Food production Sold Margarine Division to Bunge Oils, Inc.
(St. Louis, MO)
The C.F. Sauer Company
(Richmond, VA)
Contract door business Sold Pleasants Hardware Contract Door Business to The Cook & Boardman Group
(Winston-Salem, NC)
The Roof Center, Inc.
(Gaithersburg, MD)
Roofing distribution Purchased two locations from Allied Plywood Corporation
(Alexandria, VA)
The Supply Room Companies
(Ashland, VA)
Workstation refurbishing Purchased Open Plan Systems
(Richmond, VA)
The United Company
(Bristol, VA)
Roofing distribution Purchased The Roof Center, Inc.
(Gaithersburg, MD)
Trible-Perry Oil Company
(West Point, VA)
Petroleum distribution Sold to PAPCO Tank Lines, Inc.
(Virginia Beach, VA)
United Central Industrial Supply Company
(Bristol, VA)
Mining supply distribution Sold to Code Hennessy & Simmons, LLC
(Chicago, IL)
Valentine Electrical, Inc.
(Ashland, VA)
Electrical contracting Sold to Integrated Electrical Services, Inc.
(Houston, TX)
VBS, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Material handling equipment Sold to Gregory Poole Lift Systems
(Raleigh, NC)
Warranty Inspection Services, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
Automotive inspection services Sold to Mulberry Investment Group
(Richmond, VA)